Downrigging Line

Downrigging Line

What is Downrigging?

A downrigger is a device used in trolling, a method of fishing where lines with baited hooks are dragged through water to catch fish. The primary function of a downrigger is to allow fishermen to deploy their bait quickly and accurately at a specific depth. This is achieved by using a weighted ball, often called a "cannonball", which is attached to a cable. The fishing line is attached to this weight using a release clip.  

As the downrigger weight descends, it takes the fishing line down with it to the desired depth. Once the target depth is reached, the reel's drag is set, and the line waits for a fish to bite. When a fish takes the bait, it pulls the line free from the release clip, allowing the angler to fight the fish without the resistance of the heavy downrigger weight.  Downrigging is ideal for targetting species like salmon, lake trout, and halibut.

The Transition to Braided Synthetic Line: A Choice That Matters

Traditionally, steel has been the go-to material for downrigging lines. However, modern advancements in fishing technology have brought forth synthetic lines, which offer a myriad of benefits, catapulting them to be the preferred choice for seasoned anglers.  Commonly known as Spectra® or Dyneema®, UHMWPE fiber made into braided cords or line offer superior performance with a range of benefits.  Let's look-into why synthetic lines hold an edge over their steel counterparts:

  1. Strength and Durability: Synthetic lines are crafted to be exceptionally strong, capable of withstanding the pressure of deep water and powerful fish. Despite their strength, they remain lightweight, which gives them an advantage in durability over steel lines that are prone to wear and tear over time.  
  1. Less Drag in the Water: One of the significant setbacks with steel lines is the drag they create in the water, hindering your ability to maintain a precise depth. Synthetic lines, on the other hand, offer less resistance, allowing for a smoother descent and ascent of your lure, enhancing your control over the fishing process.
  2. Reduced Bow in the Line: Braided synthetic lines exhibit less bow or curve in the line when submerged. This feature enhances the line's sensitivity, helping you feel even the slightest nibble, thereby increasing your chances of a successful catch. 
  1. Increased Line Capacity: Synthetic lines are notably thinner compared to steel lines of the same strength. This property means you can load more line onto your downrigger, expanding your range and depth capabilities, thus giving you an edge when targeting species in deeper waters. 
  1. Elimination of Electrolysis: Steel lines can induce electrolysis in water, which interferes with the natural movement of fish and might even deter them from your lure. Synthetic lines prevent this issue, maintaining a neutral presence in the water and enhancing your bait's appeal.


Rocket-Fibers' UHMWPE CORDS are the perfect lines for your downrigger setup.  

  • UV Resistant
  • Long Lengths
  • Abrasion Resistant & Durable
  • High Break Strength
  • Floats In Water


Get them on your boat today!

Fish Utility Line

Introducing the ultimate companion for your fishing adventures – the Fish Utility Line by Rocket-Fibers. Versatile, durable, and built to withstand the rigors of the open water, our utility line is a must-have addition to any angler's arsenal. 

Applications include:
  • Downrigger replacement
  • Crab Trap/Pot line
  • Bowfishing line
  • Heavy duty fishing line

Available in two sizes – 150 lb and 275 lb – our Fish Utility Line offers options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Crafted from waterproof, UV-resistant fibers, and engineered for durability, these lines are designed to endure even the most demanding conditions. Lightweight yet robust, they provide the strength and reliability required for successful fishing expeditions time and time again.  Floats in water!

Keep our Fish Utility Line in your tackle box, and you'll always be prepared for whatever the waters may throw your way. Whether you're casting from shore or heading offshore, trust in Rocket-Fibers' Fish Utility Line to provide the durability and versatility you need to reel in the big catch. Elevate your fishing experience with the confidence that comes from knowing you have the best cordage option at your disposal.

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