Kevlar®, a para-aramid fiber, offers exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability. It's a top choice for safety gear, industrial use, and innovative designs.  Our Kevlar® products are provided in various forms, designed to boost performance where needed.  This includes rope, cords, and spun threads.

Kevlar® offers a multitude of properties that make them an excellent choice for various applications. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and high break strength provides high tensile strength and modulus, making them ideal for applications requiring robust and durable materials. Kevlar® fibers are great solution for applications where the fiber will be under constant load, taking advantage of low elongation and creep properties.

Kevlar® fibers exhibit excellent resistance to high temperatures, maintaining their mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures. This heat resistance makes them suitable for applications in thermal insulation and protective clothing. Additionally, Kevlar® fibers demonstrate fair to good chemical resistance, enabling them to withstand short-term exposure to acids, alkalis, and many organic solvents without significant degradation. These fibers are not suggested for long term chemical exposure.


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