Innovative advancements in automotive technology have led to the integration of high-performance synthetic fibers, revolutionizing traditional components for enhanced efficiency and safety. Specifically engineered for weight reduction and possessing exceptional high-temperature resistance, these fibers offer unparalleled durability and reliability. 

One notable application is windshield removal cord, meticulously crafted to replace conventional steel and metal wire methods. Unlike its predecessors, this synthetic alternative boasts an extended lifespan, eliminates the risk of recoil, and ensures a safer working environment for technicians while safeguarding the integrity of the vehicle.  Other applications include wire rope and aircraft cable replacement, wire harness assemblies, and sewing threads for automotive interiors.

Carbon fiber is widely utilized in the automotive industry for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity, making it an ideal material for composite applications. From body panels and chassis components to interior trim and suspension parts, carbon fiber composites offer superior performance, enhancing vehicle efficiency, agility, and safety while reducing overall weight for improved fuel economy. 

High-Performance fibers and textile products are becoming more common in automobiles around the world.  Rocket-Fibers wants to be your partner in the world of high-performance fibers.  From R&D/prototyping quantities to commercial mass production, Rocket-Fibers is your partner for every stage of product development and commercialization. 


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