Vectran® Fiber

Vectran®, an LCP fiber, delivers incredible performance in terms of strength, abrasion resistance, and resistance to moisture regain.

Our Vectran® fiber is supplied in a continuous multi-filament configuration and is offered in various sizes and lengths. The fiber is precision wound and provided on a 5/8" x 5 1/4" cardboard tube, making for convenient handling and continued processing.  Additionally, each order includes product certification, guaranteeing the authenticity of your fiber purchase. 

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Denier (g/9000m)
Length (ft)

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PROPERTY 100 Denier 200 Denier 400 Denier 400BK Denier 750 Denier 1500 Denier
Break Strength 5 LBs 10 LBs 20 LBs 14 LBs 38 LBs 75 LBs
Diameter 0.118mm (0.0047") 0.127mm (0.0066") 0.237mm (0.0093") 0.237mm (0.0093") 0.324mm (0.0128") 0.458mm (0.0180")
Elongation  ~3.6% ~3.8% ~3.6% ~3.6% ~3.6% ~3.6%
Spool Size2.2 LBs2.2 LBs2.2 LBs4.4 LBs4.4 LBs4.4 LBs


Vectran® LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) fiber boasts exceptional physical properties, making it a highly desirable fiber. Its break strength surpasses that of other conventional fibers, exhibiting remarkable resistance to stretching or tearing. Additionally, Vectran® LCP fiber demonstrates a high modulus, signifying exceptional stiffness and rigidity, which enables it to maintain its shape under stress. Vectran® LCP also exhibits minimal elongation, ensuring dimensional stability even in demanding applications, where maintaining precise tolerances is critical.


Vectran® LCP fiber offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, making it ideal for applications where contact with rough surfaces or high friction is common. Its robust chemical resistance enables it to withstand exposure to various corrosive substances, expanding its versatility across different industries. Additionally, Vectran LCP fiber exhibits low moisture regain, making it highly resistant to moisture absorption and maintaining its mechanical properties even in humid environments.  It does however degrade and discolor in extended UV exposure.

This fiber will degrade with long term exposure to UV light. The fibers will brown and weaken. Please keep this fiber stored away in a dark room and in the UV protective bag the fiber was shipped in.

Acid: Excellent resistant to most acids
Alkali: Good resistance to most alkalis
Organic Solvent: Generally compatible with a variety of organic solvents.

Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -130 to 200
Short Term Exposure (°C): 220 - 250
Melt Temperature (°C): 330


Property Unit Of Measure Standard High Modulus
Tenacity g/d 23.0 30.0
Tensile Modulus g/d 600
Specific Gravity ratio 1.40
Avg. Elongation** % 3.8 2.8
Moisture Regain1 % < 0.1
Melt Point °C 350
Decomp. Temp °C N/A
Creep2 % <0.40
Shrinkage3 % <0.20

1 Equilibrium moisture regrain @ 55% RH

2 Creep @ 40%-58% ultimate tensile strength

3 Shrinkage in dry air @ 177°C for 30 minutes


  • High strength: LCP fibers, such as Vectran®, possess exceptional tensile strength, making them stronger than many other conventional fibers.
  • Heat resistance: Vectran® LCP fibers exhibit good resistance to high temperatures under 300 C
  • Chemical resistance: Vectran® LCP fibers offer good resistance to various chemicals, including acids and solvents, ensuring durability and performance in corrosive environments.
  • Low moisture absorption: Vectran® LCP fibers have low moisture absorption rates, allowing them to maintain their mechanical properties in humid conditions.
  • Dimensional stability: Vectran® LCP fibers demonstrate excellent dimensional stability, maintaining their shape and structure even under varying temperature and moisture conditions.
  • Abrasion resistance: Vectran® LCP fibers exhibit exceptional resistance to abrasion, making them highly durable and suitable for applications requiring robust wear resistance.
  • Lightweight: Vectran® LCP fibers are lightweight, offering a high strength-to-weight ratio and enabling the production of lightweight and comfortable products.
  • High modulus: Vectran® LCP fibers have a high modulus of elasticity, providing stiffness and structural stability to the materials they are incorporated into.
  • Low creep: Vectran® LCP fibers show minimal creep under prolonged stress, allowing them to maintain their shape and structural integrity over time.

Additional Information

Tube Size (Cardboard)
Wardwell 5/8" x 4"
500 FT, 5000 FT
3.7" x 8.5"
1 Spool

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