Precision Cut Fibers

Rocket-Fibers offers precision cut high-performance fibers in a variety of types and sizes. Precision cut or chopped fibers are essential for numerous industrial applications due to their ability to significantly enhance material properties. They are used to improve the strength, durability, and thermal stability of products such as composite materials, concrete reinforcements, filtration systems, automotive components, and more.

Our precision-cut fibers are manufactured in the USA using a state-of-the-art process that ensures consistent quality and performance.  Shorter fibers are advantageous for applications requiring ease of processing and improved flow characteristics, while longer fibers are preferred for their superior tensile strength and impact resistance.

Our chopped fibers are available in quantities suitable for prototyping and product development, as well as for large commercial needs. Speak to a fiber expert today to help you and your business select the optimal fiber solution.


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