Commonly known as Spectra® or Dyneema®, these fibers offer an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance, and flexibility.  It's the perfect choice for outdoor and industrial applications.  

Our UHMWPE fiber is supplied in a continuous multi-filament configuration and is offered in various sizes, colors, and lengths. The fiber is precision wound and provided on a 5/8" x 5 1/4" cardboard tube, making for convenient handling and continued processing.  Additionally, each order includes product certification, guaranteeing the authenticity of your fiber purchase.

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Denier (g/9000m)
Length (ft)

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PROPERTY 50 Denier 75 Denier 100 Denier 200 Denier 200BK Denier 400 Denier 400BL Denier 1200 Denier
Break Strength 3 LBs 4 LBs 6 LBs 12 LBs 10 LBs 24 LBs 20 LBs 70 LBs
Diameter 0.095mm (0.0037") 0.116mm (0.0046") 0.134mm (0.0053") 0.190mm (0.0075") 0.190mm (0.0075") 0.268mm (0.0106") 0.268mm (0.0106") 0.465mm (0.0183")
Elongation  ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5% ~3.5%


UHMWPE fiber such as Spectra® or Dyneema® possesses exceptional mechanical and physical properties. It boasts an extraordinarily high strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the strongest synthetic fibers available. UHMWPE fiber exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and since it is hydrophilic, has nearly zero moisture absorption.  Keep in mind that UHMWPE fibers do creep more under constant and continual load compared to other high-performance fibers.


UHMWPE fibers like Spectra® or Dyneema® offer high resistance to corrosive substances, such as most acids, alkalis, and organic solvents, making them valuable in industrial settings where chemical exposure is commonplace. However, UHMWPE fibers are not without their shortcomings. They exhibit limited thermal stability, which reduces their performance and longevity at elevated temperatures. While their melting point is approximately 135-147°C, they begin to lose their properties around 100°C. Moreover, UHMWPE fibers possess low flame resistance. In a fire or high-heat scenario, they readily melt and burn.

This fiber exhibits poor flame resistance and will melt at 135°C. It is not advisable to use in any application where an open flame is present.

This fiber exhibits poor heat resistance and will melt at 135°C. It is not advisable to use in any application where high heat is present.

Acid: Highly resistant to most acids, maintaining their mechanical properties
Alkali: Withstand exposure to most alkalis with minimal degradation
Organic Solvent: Generally compatible with a variety of organic solvents

Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -150 to 70
Short Term Exposure (°C): 100
Melting Temp (°C):144 - 152


The table below represents the nominal mechanical properties of UHMWPE. UHMWPE fibers are sold in standard and high-modulus formats tailored for specific applications.    

Property Unit Of Measure Standard High Modulus
Tenacity g/d 28.0 38.0
Tensile Modulus g/d 850 1200
Specific Gravity ratio 0.97
Avg. Elongation % 3.4 3.1
Moisture Regain1 % < 0.1
Melt Point °C 135-147
Decomposition Temp °C N/A
Creep2 % 1.7-5.0
Shrinkage3 % N/A

1 Equilibrium moisture regrain @ 55% RH

2 Creep @ 40%-58% ultimate tensile strength

3 Shrinkage in dry air @ 177°C for 30 minutes

UHMWPE Performance Properties

  • High Strength: UHMWPE fibers possess high tensile strength, making them one of the strongest fibers available, even stronger than steel.
  • Very Lightweight: UHMWPE fibers are extremely lightweight, and even float in water.
  • High modulus: UHMWPE fibers have a high modulus of elasticity, providing excellent stiffness and dimensional stability.
  • Abrasion resistance: These fibers offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding applications.
  • Chemical resistance: UHMWPE fibers exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals, including acids and solvents, making them suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Low moisture absorption: UHMWPE fibers have low moisture absorption, allowing them to maintain their properties even in wet conditions.
  • UV resistance: UHMWPE fibers have inherent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making them suitable for outdoor applications without significant degradation over time.
  • Good fatigue resistance: UHMWPE fibers show excellent resistance to fatigue, maintaining their performance under repeated loading cycles.

Additional Information

Tube Size (Cardboard)
Wardwell 5/8" x 4"
500 FT, 5000 FT
3.7" x 8.5"Spool

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