While not known for exceptional strength or modulus, Meta-aramid fibers possess remarkable other properties. These fibers offer exceptional thermal stability, retaining their integrity even at high temperatures. They exhibit excellent flame resistance, self-extinguishing when exposed to flames and providing a critical barrier against heat and fire. Additionally, meta-aramid fibers have low thermal conductivity, allowing them to act as effective insulators, protecting against heat transfer and minimizing the risk of burns. These properties make meta-aramid fibers highly suitable for applications requiring heat and flame-resistant materials, including protective clothing, firefighting gear, and thermal insulation. 

Meta-aramid fibers demonstrate good chemical resistance and compatibility with various substances. They exhibit resistance to many inorganic acids, alkalis, and organic solvents, allowing them to withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals without significant degradation or loss of mechanical properties. Meta-aramid fibers also maintain their stability and performance in the presence of most common industrial chemicals, making them suitable for applications in chemical processing, automotive, and aerospace industries.



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Meta-Aramid Physical Properties

While not known for their strength like Kevlar®, Nomex® fibers offer a unique set of properties that make it desirable for a myriad of products and applications.  Often times, Nomex® fibers are used in combination with higher strength fibers to help enhance flame and thermal resistance.

Meta-Aramid Resistance Guide

Meta-aramid fibers, such as Nomex®, exhibit excellent resistance to high temperatures, maintaining their mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures. This heat resistance makes them suitable for applications in thermal insulation and protective clothing. Additionally, meta-aramid fibers demonstrate good chemical resistance, enabling them to withstand short-term exposure to acids, alkalis, and many organic solvents without significant degradation.  Not advised for long-term chemical exposure.

This fiber will absorb atmospheric moisture up to 5% in weight. This fiber should be stored in a cool, dry room with low humidity. A desiccant bag was included with this fiber to prevent regain during transit and short-term storage at your facility.

Acid: Prolonged exposure to concentrated strong acids will cause degradation
Alkali: Degrades with prolonged exposure to Sodium Hypochlorite
Organic Solvent: Moderate degradation in Carbon Tetrachloride and Ethylene Glycol

Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -196 to 204
Short Term Exposure (°C): 370
Degradation Temperature (°C): 300

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