Precision Cut Vectran®

Vectran® is a liquid crystal polymer fiber manufactured in the USA and Japan.  These fibers offer incredible strength, abrasion resistance, and excellent outgassing properties.  Rocket-Fibers' precision cut fibers are meticulously processed using patented cutting technology that yields incredible quality and consistency. 

Our precision cut Vectran® fibers are offered in different sizes and available in a variety of quantities that meet your needs, from prototyping to commercial supply.  If you don't see the size or quantity you need in-stock, contact us today for a custom order.  Other sizes include 3.0mm, 13.0mm, 19.0mm & 26.0mm.

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Product Details

  • 100% Vectran® fibers
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art cutting technology that delivers consistent and reliable quality
  • Available in various lengths optimized for your specific application

Packaging & Quantity

  • Packed in 1/4 lb or 1 lb individual bags

  • Product Performance

    • High strength
    • Excellent abrasion resistance and flex fatigue
    • High impact resistance
    • Excellent outgassing properties
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Very high dielectric strength & vibration dampening

    Vectran® LCP Resistance Guide

    Vectran® LCP fiber offers exceptional resistance to abrasion, making it ideal for applications where contact with rough surfaces or high friction is common. Its robust chemical resistance enables it to withstand exposure to various corrosive substances, expanding its versatility across different industries. Additionally, Vectran LCP fiber exhibits low moisture regain, making it highly resistant to moisture absorption and maintaining its mechanical properties even in humid environments.  It does however degrade and discolor in extended UV exposure.

    This fiber will degrade with long term exposure to UV light. The fibers will brown and weaken. Please keep this fiber stored away in a dark room and in the UV protective bag the fiber was shipped in.

    Acid: Excellent resistant to most acids
    Alkali: Good resistance to most alkalis
    Organic Solvent: Generally compatible with a variety of organic solvents.

    Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -130 to 200
    Short Term Exposure (°C): 220 - 250
    Melt Temperature (°C): 330

    Suggested Applications

    • Composite Reinforcement
    • High Strength Concrete
    • Filtration Systems

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