Nomex® Spun Threads

Introducing 100% Nomex® threads, proudly made in the USA. These threads are manufactured to meet the A-A-55217C Type I specification, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.  They also qualify as Berry Amendment Compliant.  Available in a variety of colors, our Nomex® threads offer exceptional thermal and flame retardant performance for your most demanding applications.

Choose our 100% Nomex® threads for reliable, high-performance materials that meet the highest standards. Perfect for workwear, protective apparel, and fire-retardant clothing.  Available in trial lengths and full factory spools.  Don't see a size, color, or strength you need?  Contact us today for custom quotations.

Tex (g/1000m)
Quantity (yds)
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About This Item

Product Tech Specs


Fiber Type
# of
Break Strength


Elongation %
0.197mm (0.007") 1.3 LBs (5.7 N) 32% 55,550 ft
0.240mm (0.009") 2.0 LBs (8.9 N) 32% 37,310 ft
0.294mm (0.011") 3.0 LBs (13.3 N) 35% 25,000 ft

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Product Details

  • 100% Nomex® fibers
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured to conform to A-A- 55217C
  • Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Splice free, 1 continuous length per tube

Tube Type & Quantity

  • 500 yd supplied on cardboard "braider" or "pencil" tube
  • 6000 yd supplied on plastic spool from mfg.

  • Product Performance

    • Outstanding high heat and flame resistance
    • Fire retardant and self-extinguishing properties
    • Ideal for fire retardant clothing and other materials
    • Excellent flex and sew-ability 
    • Bright & vibrant colors

    Product Recommendation Guide


    Garment Type
    Light Garments
    Medium Garments
    Medium to Heavy Garments

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    Nomex® Resistance Guide

    Nomex® exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures, maintaining their mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures. This heat resistance makes them suitable for applications in thermal insulation and protective clothing. Additionally, meta-aramid fibers like Nomex® demonstrate good chemical resistance, enabling them to withstand short-term exposure to acids, alkalis, and many organic solvents without significant degradation.  Not advised for long-term chemical exposure.

    This fiber will absorb atmospheric moisture up to 5-7% in weight. This fiber should be stored in a cool, dry room with low humidity. A desiccant bag was included with this fiber to prevent regain during transit and short-term storage at your facility.

    Acid: Prolonged exposure to concentrated strong acids will cause degradation
    Alkali: Degrades with prolonged exposure to Sodium Hypochlorite
    Organic Solvent: Moderate degradation in Carbon Tetrachloride and Ethylene Glycol

    Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -196 to 204
    Short Term Exposure (°C): 350
    Degradation Temperature (°C): 300

    Suggested Applications

    • Aerospace
    • Fire Safety
    • Flame Retardant Clothing
    • Industrial Safety Gear
    • Medical Textiles
    • Embroidery
    • Clothing & Apparel

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