Deer-Proof Fencing Line

Deer-Proof Fencing Line

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Deer-Proofing Your Garden: The Dilemma with Fences and Finding Reliable Solutions

Gardens are a sanctuary for many homeowners—a place where you can grow your favorite flowers, produce fresh vegetables, and create a serene space for relaxation. However, for those living in areas populated by deer, this sanctuary can quickly become a banquet for these gentle creatures. While they may be a sight to behold, deer can decimate a garden overnight, nibbling on tender shoots, flowers, and even mature vegetables. 

The Issue with Fences

When it comes to keeping deer out of gardens, most people immediately think of fences. While fences can be effective to some extent, they're not a foolproof solution. Deer, especially when motivated by hunger, are incredible jumpers. A fully grown white-tailed deer, for instance, can clear a fence of 7 feet with relative ease.

Many homeowners might settle for shorter fences, thinking that a 4 to 5-foot barrier should be enough to deter a deer. Unfortunately, they often discover that these barriers are merely an inconvenience for the deer, rather than a true deterrent.

The Fishing Line Method

In an attempt to create a more discreet and less obtrusive barrier, some innovative gardeners have turned to the fishing line method. This approach involves setting up fishing lines at varying heights around the garden's perimeter, attaching to an existing fence structure or suspended using new posts When deer come into contact with these lines, they're caught off guard and often retreat, not understanding the nature of the obstacle.

While this sounds promising, there are drawbacks to this method. Monofilament fishing line, especially when exposed to the elements, becomes brittle over time. Sun, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations can weaken the line, making it prone to snapping. Additionally, should a determined deer or another animal push through with enough force, the fishing line will break, leaving your garden vulnerable once again.

Rocket-Fibers Solution

Our UHMWPE cord is the ideal line to boost performance of the Fishing Line Method.  With a larger diameter than a traditional monofilament fishing line, the deer will more clearly see the barrier.  We also suggest trying colored stretchy tape or flags to the line to make the line even more visible.  Our lines also have much more strength and abrasion resistance than a monofilament fishing line or metal wire, and will last for multiple seasons.  Check out the excellent videos below for more information and ideas on how to construct a true deer proof enclosure. 


Deer-Proof Fencing Line

Safeguard your yard and garden with Rocket-Fibers' Deer-Proof Fencing Line. Say goodbye to deer intrusions wreaking havoc on your plants. Our durable fencing line offers a discreet yet powerful barrier, engineered to withstand the elements. Reclaim your outdoor space with confidence today!

Designed to be used in conjunction with everyday garden stakes, our fencing line offers a discreet yet powerful barrier around the perimeter of your garden. Unlike flimsy monofilament lines that degrade quickly in the elements, our line is engineered to withstand years of exposure to sun, rain, and wind. You can trust that once installed, our Deer-Proof Fencing Line will remain steadfast and reliable, providing long-term protection for your precious plants and greenery.

Simply wrap the perimeter of the your garden/backyard up to 8' high to ensure no unwanted critters attempt to jump over the barrier.  We suggest one wrap every 1'-2' around the perimeter of your area.  Click HERE for more information and accessories.  

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