Commercial Textiles

Rocket-Fibers provides high-performance synthetic fibers and textile products to many markets looking to utilize industrial textiles.  Some of these markets include aerospace, military, wire & cable, robotics, oil & gas, and many more.  From extreme temperature ranges to heavy abrasion, UV exposure, and chemical resistance, our synthetic fibers and products offer unparalleled durability and reliability in the harshest environments.  Our products are widely used to supporting our customer's production process and/or components within their final products. 

Some examples of applications include composite parts manufacturing, protective & safety gear, lifting slings, strength & tension members, conveyor belts, tethers, sewing threads, wire harness, cables, guy lines amongst many others.  Rocket-Fibers wants to be your partner in the world of high-performance fibers.  From R&D/prototyping quantities to commercial mass production, Rocket-Fibers is your partner for every stage of product development and commercialization. 


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