Deer-Proof Fencing Line

Safeguard your yard and garden with Rocket-Fibers' Deer-Proof Fencing Line. Say goodbye to deer intrusions wreaking havoc on your plants. Our durable fencing line offers a discreet yet powerful barrier, engineered to withstand the elements. Reclaim your outdoor space with confidence today!

Designed to be used in conjunction with everyday garden stakes, our fencing line offers a discreet yet powerful barrier around the perimeter of your garden. Unlike flimsy monofilament lines that degrade quickly in the elements, our line is engineered to withstand years of exposure to sun, rain, and wind. You can trust that once installed, our Deer-Proof Fencing Line will remain steadfast and reliable, providing long-term protection for your precious plants and greenery.

Simply wrap the perimeter of the your garden/backyard up to 8' high to ensure no unwanted critters attempt to jump over the barrier.  We suggest one wrap every 1'-2' around the perimeter of your area.  Click HERE for more information and accessories.  


About This Item

Product Tech Specs

Fiber Type Construction Diameter Break Strength Elongation Color
Braid 1.43mm (0.056") 250+ lbs ~5.8% White / Black

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Product Highlights

  • Continuous braided flat UHMWPE cord
  • Made with 100% UHMWPE fibers
  • Splice free, 1 continuous length per reel
  • Longer and custom lengths available
  • Made in the USA

Spool Size & Dimensions

  • Supplied on a plastic reel
  • Dimensions = 6.5" x 6.0" x 2.0" x .750" spool
  • Product Performance

    • 250+ lbs of breaking strength
    • Water & moisture resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Strong knot strength


    UHMWPE fibers like Spectra® or Dyneema® offer high resistance to corrosive substances, such as most acids, alkalis, and organic solvents, making them valuable in industrial settings where chemical exposure is commonplace. However, UHMWPE fibers are not without their shortcomings. They exhibit limited thermal stability, which reduces their performance and longevity at elevated temperatures. While their melting point is approximately 135-147°C, they begin to lose their properties around 100°C. Moreover, UHMWPE fibers possess low flame resistance. In a fire or high-heat scenario, they readily melt and burn.

    This fiber exhibits poor flame resistance and will melt at 135°C. It is not advisable to use in any application where an open flame is present.

    This fiber exhibits poor heat resistance and will melt at 135°C. It is not advisable to use in any application where high heat is present.

    Acid: Highly resistant to most acids, maintaining their mechanical properties
    Alkali: Withstand exposure to most alkalis with minimal degradation
    Organic Solvent: Generally compatible with a variety of organic solvents

    Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C): -150 to 70
    Short Term Exposure (°C): 100
    Melting Temp (°C):144 - 152

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    Deer-Proof Fencing Line